Friday, April 22, 2011

I digress...

So, you hear about brides who suddenly need to get a bigger-size wedding dress due to the impending arrival of a certain new family member. Well, we're not getting that sort of bundle of joy. However, Adam and I did recently find our family situation a little small for our liking. You'd think that our combined personalities plus 2 overly-social (read: needy) cats would be enough for one household. You see, I have spent my life with a big shaggy friend nearby at all times. In fact, I don't remember a time growing up when I didn't have a drooling walking buddy.

At this time in life most people my age are starting to feel the peer pressure to settle down and get married. Not me. Well, yes, I am getting married, but I'm still on the front-end of the trend among people I know. My real weakness? Puppies. Various friends at law school are made so much happier by their furry friend, my friend Katie tells me that it's the best stress-buster she could come up with, and brother got an adorable golden retriever last summer. With all this happening around me, I had no chance to resist.

That's right, folks, Adam and I are getting a dog!!! Due to allergy issues as well as this being Adam's first attempt at canine ownership, I decided on finding a breeder for a goldendoodle. Half adorable, sweet, loyal golden retriever; half allergy-free, intelligent poodle. After much research (and simultaneous avoidance of law school homework - excellent), I found the Red Cedar Farms GoldenDoodle breeder in Hutchinson, Minnesota. They happen to have had a litter of puppies born this month (April) of dark golden colored doodles. So, I contacted Dede at Red Cedar Farms and chatted with her. This resulted in my future ownership of this precious little creature:

I mean, how cute is he? We've decided to name him Gatsby. The name has a little Minnesota to it (F. Scott Fitzgerald lived here), it's based on a great book, and it's a damn cute name! Plus it ends in a vowel, which is supposed to be easier for a dog to learn.

We will be receiving this little bundle of joy May 8, just in time to distract me during my summer of bar-studying-horror. But what to do in the meantime?? We have bought all sorts of interesting books on raising a good puppy. I won't bore you with the titles, but it's actually really fun and interesting.

Although I won't need a newly sized wedding dress (well, who knows after my gelato-binge from last night), I will need to purchase some sort of adorable puppy-sized bow tie for our little bundle of fluff come wedding time. :)


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  1. Hello...we recently lost our 12 year Golden Retreiver to cancer. We are in the process of researching places that sell Goldendoodles and saw your post. I am writing in hopes of receiving a follow-up to your post (updates on how Gatsby is doing, pictures, how Red Cedar Farms was to work with, etc.). We are very interested in a dark golden colored doodle as well. Any information would be greatly appreciated.