Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Most Important Thing

Pardon me as I get all mushy here. So, I've been wrapped up in this conundrum between wedding planning craziness and law school craziness, when I was suddenly reminded today what this is all really about. The marriage, the wedding, everything - it's about family. As trite as that sounds, it's true.

My beautiful sister-in-law and brother had their first child today, a little girl, and it really put things into perspective for me. They've had this spectacular marriage, a wedding built on only a month's notice, a great puppy, and now a gorgeous little girl. And a wedding is fun and all to plan, but it's these moments that it's really about. It's that joy of becoming first a family, and then parents. I know that Laura-Lee was nervous going into the hospital today, but her unbending strength, coupled with my brother's support, capability, and endless good cheer made everything fantastic. They are going to be the most loving, best parents. I wish more than anything that I could've been there today to meet that new niece of mine. I am so happy for them, it's simply hard to contain.

I'm in awe of this couple, for so many reasons. And I really take their relationship as one to follow in my own. They both are such a happy mix of cheerful and sensitivity, and they tackle all that life brings them together, as a couple. They managed to fall in love and start an amazing marriage in under a year. Their wedding, planned only in a month, was so touching and thoughtful because they were so happy. I've never met two people who wanted to share their love for one another more than these two. I was so touched how much it meant to them that we were all there, celebrating their new life together. And now we can be there for them in this new challenge, supporting them in this new adventure. I will most certainly be there to explain to my little niece why her Dad is so crazy.

Here's a picture of Laura-Lee as she went into the hospital today looking tough as ever!

And here's one of the new parents and BABY!

So, here's to the two new parents and the new little one!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Toughest Decision to Date...

Bridesmaid Dresses.

Oh Bridesmaid dresses. Where do I begin? I have never once cared what a bride made me wear. In fact, I've loved both of the bridesmaid dresses I've been forced into (in fact, I still wear Christine's!). So why do I break out into a cold sweat every time I think about dressing my maids???? I mean, all of my bridesmaids are beautiful women, with fabulous body frames. However, fabulous bodies do not always possess the same body type. Tall, short, breasts, no breasts, likes strapless, hates strapless, the list goes on. This demonstrates to me the difficulty of this task. When I look at dresses, obviously I generally look for what I think would look best on me. And I am of the short, small breasted, lover of strapless variety. fears. Basically, it's choosing the dress that appears to my bridesmaids to look like the following:

The solution: I give up. My maids get to pick their own dresses. Yep. I've seen this done via and it can turn out beautifully. See the following:

Just lovely! In fact, it's even in my color! Oh how I love pink...but I digress. I'll pick the color and fabric, and the ladies get to go nuts on the style. Sounds so simple, right? Color, fabric, good price, and lots of choices! Well...

So I embarked on some research. First stop, websites. Since this is a new trend, there have to be bridesmaid dress designer websites that allow you to shop by color and fabric for this very idea. Wrong. Only, apparently, if you want to dress your bridesmaids in ugly separates (think prom dress nightmare circa 2001), can you shop by color and fabric to mix and match. Fine, I thought, I'll go to an actual bridesmaid dress store. They have to facilitate this, right? Wrong again! I walk into a huge wedding shop and while they have a million dresses, they do not possess significant dresses from a single line. And, apparently, not all fuchsias are created equal. Not only do different designers use vastly different color palates, but designers don't even use the same colors for different fabrics!(!!!)

So, after all of this, am I back to the pants-dress? No. I still value the comfort of those special ladies too much, and am still too uncomfortable to pick one style. So I'm working out a solution, involving a website that actually sells bridesmaid dresses at a discount and actually has whole "lines" of many designers. Now that I've found myself beyond the confusion of how to make what I want to do work, it's actually a lot of fun. Finding that perfect fabric/color/price combination is a challenge I am going to win.

Enter comparison shopping and research, something about which I am actually pretty passionate. I mean, I won't buy so much as a toaster oven without searching for the absolutely best reviewed/price combination. While this may take a little longer than I initially envisioned, I think everyone will come out a winner. :)

I feel better already!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making our own Traditions :)

My wedding guide for this week (44 weeks left!) says that this week we're supposed to think about "important traditions" for designing our wedding. Well, we seem to have gotten as far as "we want it to be legal." So, as much tradition as that requires seems like a good place to start. And I don't think that "lots of fun" and "lots of dancing" and "lots of pretty" are quite traditions. So, where to look for important traditions for our big day?

We began by looking at family traditions. Ok, so far our families all seem to have started and stopped at "making it legal." After that no traditions seemed to have been spawned. Maybe we'll try and start some family traditions - possibly we could take a couple of hints from my big brother's beautiful wedding in September 0f 2008. Well, where to start? I don't think it will be with stealing my sis-in-law's gorgeous wedding dress. Probably we won't have the photographer change to a fish-eye lens immediately after the ceremony. I loved the Q&A session the happy couple had with the guests. It allowed everyone to laugh and really get to know Laura-Lee and Cullen better. I don't know that I'm as witty as my stellar big bro, but it could be something fun to do to bring everyone together at the event.

My favorite wedding tradition is from a wedding I attended in Stockholm, Sweden. One of our favorite foreign exchange students got married. Even though I didn't speak a word of Swedish (well, I can say "good day," but then I'm out), it was the most fantastic wedding I've ever seen. The couple had two "toast-masters" in charge of emceeing the reception. They organized a fun game where the bride and groom stood back to back, each holding a shoe of the other. Then the toast-masters asked them various questions about who was responsible for what in their relationship. For example, "who pursued whom?" They would each raise the shoe of the person responsible. It was hilarious. Especially when they disagreed, and they had no idea.

So, good start here I think. We already have two wonderful friends, Chris and Celine, in the role of our "toast-masters," and I know they'll be great!

So, we're back to creating traditions that are "fun and funny." I think it works. Now we just need more ideas!!! Feel free to chime in with any suggestions!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the eBay Bride...

So I checked this book out from the library - How to Buy Everything for Your Wedding on eBay...and Save a Fortune! And it's actually super interesting - for weddings and more. Did you know that you can get everything from the ceremony location to the napkins to the tent to the dress on eBay for a fraction of the cost? And do it successfully? Apparently you can. Now, I have no desire to rent my tent, or especially buy my wedding dress, from eBay, but there are wedding specialists who sell all sorts of designer materials cheaply on eBay. The way they can cut costs is the bidding process and elimination of multiple middle men. It's a whole industry apparently. Many sellers who sell at market prices in real stores make added revenue selling at discounts on eBay.

This is starting to sound sort of ideal for purchases that are marked up like crazy for no real purpose. Example 1: veils. Now, I know I sort of should wear a veil. The eight year old inside me demands it. So, ok. But do I want to spend $100+ (on the cheap side) for something made of gauze and a comb? Not really. I don't know how comfortable I feel about borrowing one. These things can be touchy for people, and any foresight in circumventing the all-too-common phenomenon of Emily sticking her foot in her mouth is always valued. So, maybe eBay is my solution? Why shouldn't I be able to go try on a bunch of cute veils and then purchase one at a fraction of a cost on eBay. After some preliminary research, there are zillions of veil sellers on eBay offering everything from fancy custom veils to your simple version. Many sellers have feedback from hundreds of happy customers, although some do have poor ratings too. Also, they offer crazy good return policies. Why not look into it?

These are the musings of the moment. Saving money while buying quality products? That sounds like a savvy bride. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There is no such thing...

There is absolutely no such thing as a "casual" question about someone's wedding. It's not like, "so, what's new with your fiancé?" Easy - not much, life's pretty good. It's definitely not like "how are you?" Easy - just dandy. It is much more akin to talking about one's newborn child, or a beloved pet if you're pre-child. This is a conversation question. When asked about my nuptials, I somehow cannot manage to begin and end in a few minutes. Nope. With me, you'll get the date, the theme, the colors, website addresses to potential dress choices, and whatever other current wedding obsession of the moment. And I don't even consider myself an "OCD" bride. Really, the scenario here is an overly enthusiastic person by nature let loose on wedding planning.

So, be warned, you're going to get an earful. You will hear more about escort cards than you ever desired to learn in your life. And, yes, I will probably have a small guilty pang later for hogging the conversation. But apparently hindsight does not (cannot?) curtail future action. I'm happy, in love, and So Excited about every little aspect. :D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Courtesy of Sister...

My fabulous Maid of Honor Sister Teran informed me that the Blue Hydrangea comes into season in August. Love how amazing she is. It looks like the perfect blue to go with the whole occasion. Thank goodness I have her and her enthusiastic help with this whole thing, especially as I have a black thumb and have no idea about anything that blooms.

Here's a picture of the flower in a bouquet:


Ok, one last thought for today. So, apparently, I am not the only person to ever make a blog about her wedding. Interestingly enough, apparently this is quite cliche. Not-so-interestingly, I don't much care. Anywhosie. I found this idea today on a wedding blog or two : groom and groomsmen in VESTS! So cute. Quite reminiscent of my all-time favorite American Idol contestant - Matt Girard (Dad calls him "mole face" - so sad).


Matt Girard (duh - amazing)

Awesome vest shots (minus the groom in jeans)

And finally...lots of vests (so cool, right?)

Gettin' Down on the Big Day

Today I'm thinking about (reveling in?) our Wedding BAND! I keep going to their website and listening to their sound and just getting so excited! They're called PopLuxe. It's a ten piece cover band that plays everything from Sinatra to Lady Gaga. The three lead singers, two guys and a gal, all have these big, clear voices. And, truthfully, Adam and I were sold once we saw "Hey Ya" on their playlist (ok, Adam was sold there, but it hit me when I saw they play Miley). Then we discover that the lead female vocalist is the singer from that disco classic "Funky Town." Seriously!! It's like having a mini-celebrity at our bash, or at least one on par with the b-listers who had a stint on the "Surreal Life." Somehow, though, One-Hit-Wonder seems a lot better than Washed-Up, so I say we win! But I digress. This wedding will officially be a giant dance party. Am seriously considering the cons (are there any??) and pros (oh so many pros) of asking for a minute's worth of the macarena - just for the little seventh grader stuck somewhere in me. I mean, we all remember that first school dance in the cafeteria. All the girls dancing in a circle, that first slow dance with the middle school crush, the hula hoop and limbo contests (damn that Betsy Doherty for always beating me), and drinking so much caffeine so as to bounce off the walls (and this was pre-Red Bull, mind you, so you had to drink a lot more caffeine). I want to capture everything from that innocent fun to scenes reminiscent of Wedding Crashers. I honestly believe that my Mom and I will consider it a complete failure if the dance floor is not packed during "Shout" (minus all the boobies...). A little cheesy? But I like that in my life. Me and my girls will also be breaking it down like it's Sophomore Year again (although, unfortunately, I do not think the tables will be sturdy enough to actually dance on), though in slightly more formal attire...

Ok, those are the ramblings for the minute.

The Band! Seriously, scroll down on their page to watch their video - so good!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tentative Color Scheme from the Aesthetically Challenged Bride

I wasn't going to post more than once a day...oh well

While Mom wanted variations on the barbie dream wedding theme, this clashed slightly with Adam's desire not to drown in girly on his wedding day. Yes, it is his wedding day too apparently. So, I embarked on the grand compromise. Duh, pink has to be a major part of it. But Adam and I found a more "manly" pink - fuchsia. And then I paired it with dark royal/cobalt blue and silver. Does this sound lovely? I like all the colors, but will they look good together?

Thank goodness for google. I found two images that make this color combo seem pretty! They're both pink and blue inspiration boards, but add silver accents and I think we have a winner.


Well...maybe not 52 weeks...

Jumping to count down from week ...pause for calendar counting...45! 45 weeks until I tie the knot with the fantastic Adam Josephus Cowing. According to my week-by-week wedding guide (/inspiration for this blog) I should be making a binder with 35 tabs and folders galore to keep me organized throughout this crazy year...good luck with that. Did you know that there are no wedding guides entitled "for the totally scatter-brained, disorganized, busy law school bride"? Or guides for brides who aspire to organization, but understand their attention span for such things is that of a caterpillar.

So, beside the fact that I am in possession of a book to help keep me on track for this wonderful wedding of mine, I also wanted to make this blog to keep everyone up to date on what's happening in this Bridezilla's world. The beauty of this blog, over, say, an email, is that you can read it or not. Comment or not. Ignore its existence or check it every 10 minutes for updates (which will not be happening...unless class is ridiculously boring).

So, recap. What do we have here? One Bride who wants to share all the excitement with the special people in her life. One blog where she will attempt to do so. One fantastic fiancé who is, admittedly, probably happy to hear that this Bridezilla now has an outlet for the myriad of ideas that constantly run through her mind that do not include waking him up at 1am to share the "exciting idea." We have many many friends and family (and family-to-be!) who now get the chance to keep tabs (if that's even possible) on this wedding adventure (and only to the extent they want). And finally, another important procrastination tool in my life.

The rules? Well, all I can think of is that I would appreciate it if no one shares any dress-type ideas that come up here with Adam. Oh, and if you have ideas in your comments, I would love pictures!!