Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making our own Traditions :)

My wedding guide for this week (44 weeks left!) says that this week we're supposed to think about "important traditions" for designing our wedding. Well, we seem to have gotten as far as "we want it to be legal." So, as much tradition as that requires seems like a good place to start. And I don't think that "lots of fun" and "lots of dancing" and "lots of pretty" are quite traditions. So, where to look for important traditions for our big day?

We began by looking at family traditions. Ok, so far our families all seem to have started and stopped at "making it legal." After that no traditions seemed to have been spawned. Maybe we'll try and start some family traditions - possibly we could take a couple of hints from my big brother's beautiful wedding in September 0f 2008. Well, where to start? I don't think it will be with stealing my sis-in-law's gorgeous wedding dress. Probably we won't have the photographer change to a fish-eye lens immediately after the ceremony. I loved the Q&A session the happy couple had with the guests. It allowed everyone to laugh and really get to know Laura-Lee and Cullen better. I don't know that I'm as witty as my stellar big bro, but it could be something fun to do to bring everyone together at the event.

My favorite wedding tradition is from a wedding I attended in Stockholm, Sweden. One of our favorite foreign exchange students got married. Even though I didn't speak a word of Swedish (well, I can say "good day," but then I'm out), it was the most fantastic wedding I've ever seen. The couple had two "toast-masters" in charge of emceeing the reception. They organized a fun game where the bride and groom stood back to back, each holding a shoe of the other. Then the toast-masters asked them various questions about who was responsible for what in their relationship. For example, "who pursued whom?" They would each raise the shoe of the person responsible. It was hilarious. Especially when they disagreed, and they had no idea.

So, good start here I think. We already have two wonderful friends, Chris and Celine, in the role of our "toast-masters," and I know they'll be great!

So, we're back to creating traditions that are "fun and funny." I think it works. Now we just need more ideas!!! Feel free to chime in with any suggestions!


  1. I have a cheesy tradition that i like: my buddy Marion and her husband, Ethan put out note cards and cute little boxes on their escort card table. They asked their guests to write a reason that Marion should be glad she married Ethan, and on another card why Ethan should be glad he married Marion. They now each have a box full of answers to that question for when they forget. They keep their pretty little boxes out on their table and I happen to know they have used them a couple of times!

    Also, don't forget that traditions are something that you can leave the rest of the wedding out of and have just with your special future hubby on that day too!!

    I just cant get over how excited I am for you.


    argyle socks!!