Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Most Important Thing

Pardon me as I get all mushy here. So, I've been wrapped up in this conundrum between wedding planning craziness and law school craziness, when I was suddenly reminded today what this is all really about. The marriage, the wedding, everything - it's about family. As trite as that sounds, it's true.

My beautiful sister-in-law and brother had their first child today, a little girl, and it really put things into perspective for me. They've had this spectacular marriage, a wedding built on only a month's notice, a great puppy, and now a gorgeous little girl. And a wedding is fun and all to plan, but it's these moments that it's really about. It's that joy of becoming first a family, and then parents. I know that Laura-Lee was nervous going into the hospital today, but her unbending strength, coupled with my brother's support, capability, and endless good cheer made everything fantastic. They are going to be the most loving, best parents. I wish more than anything that I could've been there today to meet that new niece of mine. I am so happy for them, it's simply hard to contain.

I'm in awe of this couple, for so many reasons. And I really take their relationship as one to follow in my own. They both are such a happy mix of cheerful and sensitivity, and they tackle all that life brings them together, as a couple. They managed to fall in love and start an amazing marriage in under a year. Their wedding, planned only in a month, was so touching and thoughtful because they were so happy. I've never met two people who wanted to share their love for one another more than these two. I was so touched how much it meant to them that we were all there, celebrating their new life together. And now we can be there for them in this new challenge, supporting them in this new adventure. I will most certainly be there to explain to my little niece why her Dad is so crazy.

Here's a picture of Laura-Lee as she went into the hospital today looking tough as ever!

And here's one of the new parents and BABY!

So, here's to the two new parents and the new little one!


  1. Congrats auntie!! I'm sure you're going to spoil that little muffin :)

  2. I am glad you got mushy. I am crying over here! What nice stuff you have to say.