Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress - Success!!

I apologize, friends and fam, for my absence from wedding blogging. First there were finals and then the holidays...well I got busy. But Adam and I have been busy (although not so much with the subject of today's blog). We have...bridesmaid dresses!

Ok, I'll admit it - they're pink and taffeta. Before you start harping about images like the following:
Despite the images that pink + taffeta draw to the mind (and despite my momentary panic about such dresses when I chose these), they're actually very pretty! I chose a watermelon pink - which translates to a middle of the road, flattering pink. And without it being a totally shiny, 80s style taffeta, the material looks great on everyone. Silk and chiffon, while cute, tended to shout "bridesmaid!" in letters a little too loudly for me. The taffeta looks, by contrast, like a cute cocktail dress. At the wedding, you may just find yourself wondering, "how did these gorgeous ladies happen to match one another?" Ok, maybe not.

They all do, however, get to choose their own style. I thought about posting pictures of the various dresses, but the websites do not at all get the actual color right. They turn a simple pink into a very loud fuchsia. So, I won't. The dress styles to choose from flatter all body types, and I think my lovely maids will be happy (or at least not horrified) but the selection.

So, hooray for dress success! More to follow (I promise!)

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