Thursday, January 20, 2011

That Damn Kelsey Banyan...

In my mailbox (snail mail that is), I received the cutest little postcard the other day (week). Immaculately done, artistic, abstract, romantic. Kelsey and Dave's Save the Date card! And then I thought to myself...oh crap. How is it that she is so very on top of things, so much so that she sends out these cards before me when she's getting married a month afterwards???

So, naturally, wedding nightmares ensued and a frenzy of active inactivity. That's right. Did I get off my butt to suddenly throw together an immaculate card of my own? No. First, I was on winter break. What does winter break mean for the average law student, you may wonder. Basically, it means a decompression bubble where they tend to ignore the outside world and essentially everything outside of crappy tv and trashy magazines. My second excuse, which may be more relevant, is that I am not in any way as organized as Ms. Banyan. Third, the oft-mentioned lack of aesthetic sense I possess in spades.

Well, the time has come to finally get over myself and get out that first-wedding-impression to all our lovely friends and family. About all I know right now is that I want it to be creative. As much as I love those little photo-booth shots, I fear that my friends may not attend my wedding based on receiving yet another one of these cards. Martha Stewart suggests I send out a little envelope, where you open it and pull out this immaculately crafted ribbon with the dates attached.
Although Martha's idea is beautiful and simple, it (a) seems pretty complicated for this craft-simple bride and (b) just doesn't quite seem to be "us" (whatever that means).

So, naturally, I googled "creative save the dates" and came up with some things I really like!
This one I love because it could totally go with our "lakes of MN" theme we have going. We could use a "Lakeshore Weekly" newspaper and feature MN all over it, as well as a fun picture of us. Maybe have a winter lake in the background with a fun sunny photo. Seems very fun, and it's got that little bit of humor I really like.

This one is great because it goes with one of my favorite pictures from our engagement photos, where we have our chucks shoes tied together (tying the knot, get it?!). See the following image and insert "awwww."
So maybe that would work for us.

This one I also love, but it may require creativity a bit beyond my level.
I would love to come up with something cute like "no, you can't bring your x-box to the wedding." Or, alternatively, he could be commenting on the fact that I want to wear an entirely pink wedding dress...

Ok, I guess I have a few inspiration ideas. What I now need is a little perspective. What do you all think?


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  1. You crack me up, Em! In your honor, I just posted on my blog about being an overachiever. Can't wait to see your Save the Dates!