Thursday, February 10, 2011


So I'm beginning to get excited about wedding design! And the most obvious bit of design that comes to mind is the centerpiece. It's what stands out to me most in those crazy "platinum wedding" shows. Well, generally you don't really have an option when watching those tv shows as the centerpieces are often six feet tall, complete with trees, crystals, flowers, candles, the list goes on forever. Apparently the thing to do when you have a $100k budget is to design towering centerpieces that block you guests, and can even blind them if the light shines off them in a certain way. Yikes! And they all look so fragile that one tipsy bump to the table could create a disaster. So, that idea's out. And, as cute as those vases full of lemon/lime slices are, they're just not quite me.

Here's what has been running through my brain: water, vases, candles, stones, and blooms. Sound like a lot going on? Well, if you know me you're probably not too surprised. :). Somehow, however, I would like to insert some sort of scheme to this mess. SO! What I've found myself drawn to are tables w/ tall vases filled with water and floating flowers over stones, with other blooms and/or candles on top, surrounding by votive candles.

Insert Emily's Inspiration Board:

I love the look of floating orchids with candles on top, surrounded by votives. I think the votives next to the vases makes the water and flowers light up beautifully. Or maybe we could do a tall vase filed with orchids, and a smaller vase or two next to it with tea roses, surrounded by votives. So many options for pretty flowers and candlelight! The water effect is important to me because our wedding is themed around the element of water - the lakes of Minnesota. I just want it to seem candlelit and romantic!! Oh boy.

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