Sunday, October 3, 2010

the eBay Bride...

So I checked this book out from the library - How to Buy Everything for Your Wedding on eBay...and Save a Fortune! And it's actually super interesting - for weddings and more. Did you know that you can get everything from the ceremony location to the napkins to the tent to the dress on eBay for a fraction of the cost? And do it successfully? Apparently you can. Now, I have no desire to rent my tent, or especially buy my wedding dress, from eBay, but there are wedding specialists who sell all sorts of designer materials cheaply on eBay. The way they can cut costs is the bidding process and elimination of multiple middle men. It's a whole industry apparently. Many sellers who sell at market prices in real stores make added revenue selling at discounts on eBay.

This is starting to sound sort of ideal for purchases that are marked up like crazy for no real purpose. Example 1: veils. Now, I know I sort of should wear a veil. The eight year old inside me demands it. So, ok. But do I want to spend $100+ (on the cheap side) for something made of gauze and a comb? Not really. I don't know how comfortable I feel about borrowing one. These things can be touchy for people, and any foresight in circumventing the all-too-common phenomenon of Emily sticking her foot in her mouth is always valued. So, maybe eBay is my solution? Why shouldn't I be able to go try on a bunch of cute veils and then purchase one at a fraction of a cost on eBay. After some preliminary research, there are zillions of veil sellers on eBay offering everything from fancy custom veils to your simple version. Many sellers have feedback from hundreds of happy customers, although some do have poor ratings too. Also, they offer crazy good return policies. Why not look into it?

These are the musings of the moment. Saving money while buying quality products? That sounds like a savvy bride. :)


  1. so i lost my veil after my wedding. I have no idea where it is. but if i find it and you like it, i would be honored to let you wear it. search ebay though because this thing is seriously missing. i heart your face

  2. My sister bought her wedding hairpiece off etsy and it was gorgeous. Not sure if you'd use it for your veil, but they have some cute wedding stuff to check out