Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There is no such thing...

There is absolutely no such thing as a "casual" question about someone's wedding. It's not like, "so, what's new with your fiancé?" Easy - not much, life's pretty good. It's definitely not like "how are you?" Easy - just dandy. It is much more akin to talking about one's newborn child, or a beloved pet if you're pre-child. This is a conversation question. When asked about my nuptials, I somehow cannot manage to begin and end in a few minutes. Nope. With me, you'll get the date, the theme, the colors, website addresses to potential dress choices, and whatever other current wedding obsession of the moment. And I don't even consider myself an "OCD" bride. Really, the scenario here is an overly enthusiastic person by nature let loose on wedding planning.

So, be warned, you're going to get an earful. You will hear more about escort cards than you ever desired to learn in your life. And, yes, I will probably have a small guilty pang later for hogging the conversation. But apparently hindsight does not (cannot?) curtail future action. I'm happy, in love, and So Excited about every little aspect. :D

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