Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gettin' Down on the Big Day

Today I'm thinking about (reveling in?) our Wedding BAND! I keep going to their website and listening to their sound and just getting so excited! They're called PopLuxe. It's a ten piece cover band that plays everything from Sinatra to Lady Gaga. The three lead singers, two guys and a gal, all have these big, clear voices. And, truthfully, Adam and I were sold once we saw "Hey Ya" on their playlist (ok, Adam was sold there, but it hit me when I saw they play Miley). Then we discover that the lead female vocalist is the singer from that disco classic "Funky Town." Seriously!! It's like having a mini-celebrity at our bash, or at least one on par with the b-listers who had a stint on the "Surreal Life." Somehow, though, One-Hit-Wonder seems a lot better than Washed-Up, so I say we win! But I digress. This wedding will officially be a giant dance party. Am seriously considering the cons (are there any??) and pros (oh so many pros) of asking for a minute's worth of the macarena - just for the little seventh grader stuck somewhere in me. I mean, we all remember that first school dance in the cafeteria. All the girls dancing in a circle, that first slow dance with the middle school crush, the hula hoop and limbo contests (damn that Betsy Doherty for always beating me), and drinking so much caffeine so as to bounce off the walls (and this was pre-Red Bull, mind you, so you had to drink a lot more caffeine). I want to capture everything from that innocent fun to scenes reminiscent of Wedding Crashers. I honestly believe that my Mom and I will consider it a complete failure if the dance floor is not packed during "Shout" (minus all the boobies...). A little cheesy? But I like that in my life. Me and my girls will also be breaking it down like it's Sophomore Year again (although, unfortunately, I do not think the tables will be sturdy enough to actually dance on), though in slightly more formal attire...

Ok, those are the ramblings for the minute.

The Band! Seriously, scroll down on their page to watch their video - so good!

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