Monday, September 27, 2010

Tentative Color Scheme from the Aesthetically Challenged Bride

I wasn't going to post more than once a day...oh well

While Mom wanted variations on the barbie dream wedding theme, this clashed slightly with Adam's desire not to drown in girly on his wedding day. Yes, it is his wedding day too apparently. So, I embarked on the grand compromise. Duh, pink has to be a major part of it. But Adam and I found a more "manly" pink - fuchsia. And then I paired it with dark royal/cobalt blue and silver. Does this sound lovely? I like all the colors, but will they look good together?

Thank goodness for google. I found two images that make this color combo seem pretty! They're both pink and blue inspiration boards, but add silver accents and I think we have a winner.



  1. I can't believe you have given me a reason to go back on the Study time has officially gone downhill. What a challenge to plan a wedding and go to school at the same time!!! Looking at pics for friend's wedding is almost as fun as looking at pics for own wedding! love shoes and ties in this one love dresses, groomsmen wear and flowers in this one.

    So very happy to be able to share your engagement with you!!


    Cutest little flower girl! And the apples are a cute touch - the couple did a nice job of not killing it with the pink but there is definitely some Barbie going on ;)

    The flowers might have more purple than you'd like (and not enough pink) but they kind of are getting along with the scheme. I love the direction you're going - it will be fabulous and I'm so excited to be part of the fun!

  3. Oh love you Angie and Christine! You both give me such great ideas!!!!! ps - can't wait for you two to meet, you are absolutely going to love each other!

  4. I love They have tons of inspiration boards with a million different color combinations. Can't wait to see how this all comes together - Glad we're navigating all this together!